About Rizen Entertainment LTD


At Rizen Entertainment our objective is to revamp hip-hop genre with a new sound, style and appearance. Which will embody old school lyricism, while at the same time producing a relevant message in the music that will bring a sense of purpose and ambition to anyone who is inspired. 

Located in the heart of the resurging city of Cleveland, Ohio.  Rizen Entertainment is the future of entertainment in the great city of Cleveland.  Along with major attractions such as; the Indians, Browns, Cavs, the newly built Horse Shoe Casino, the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Tower City and more.  Rizen Entertainment will not only attract stars but create stellar careers from our local talent base as well. 

With a well rounded staff of producers and song writers. Driven by excellence. We are able to work with any professional or novice, in any genre. 

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Romero C. Phillips Sr. was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Always being an ambitious and an industrious person. He soon started a landscaping company which is successful to this day and is the pastor of a church. Always having an interest in music, he took piano lessons and is a huge fan of Hip Hop, R&B and Gospel music. Romero of course grew up in the church but began to embrace rappers from the Def Jam era like Kurtis Blow, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Beasty Boys, Fat Boys, Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick just to name a few. Then he changed his battle rap style to gansta rap once he heard NWA.

Being naive to the music game, he gave up on music business because of the dishonesty and started his landscaping company and performed gospel rap in many churches. Now armed with new ambition and knowledge of the music business. Romero started Rizen Entertainment LTD in 2013 to educate, develop and train artists in CLeveland, Ohio. Having the conviction of his Christian faith, Romero's style of music is Christian, conscious, positive and uplifting for all people.  Romero has developed a platform by which any artist can release music from the Rizen Ent. LTD brand. The music must be positive and uplifting. Romero always says "you must stand for something or you will fall for anythng".